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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The End of the Great Move!

As you my or may not know, when I decided to move home, my wonderful parents decided to do some heavy remodeling turn our once junk filled basement into a new living area with a bedroom, bathroom, play area (for the kids), tv area (for the adults) and a nice little sitting area. There is also a workshop for my dad, an office for him, and a small storage and laundry area as well (though those are not finished).

Up until this point my possessions have been in boxes in the garage and in storage, and I have been living with clothes spread from here to there and without any of my pretty things. Well we finally finished the remodel last week, and I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday moving furniture and unpacking and sorting all my wordy possessions. I am surprised that most of my belongings have fit into a small room, without making it feel over crowded. Now I have twice gone through what I call purge cycles to remove all the crap that tends to collect around me over time, the first “great purge” happened before moving to Hawaii, I sold stuff, gave stuff away and put lots of stuff in storage in the ‘Basement of crap.’ The latest purge was when I moved to KC from Hawaii, Here I mostly sold furniture in an effort to drop my shipping to under 1000 pounds, a tough thing to do when you are obsessed with books like me.

The basement is still a mess, as “wonderful parents” decide where there things are going to go and how they want to store various items, but a huge dent has been made! I myself reduced my (approx) 20 boxes of stuff into a room, and about 8 boxes. I still have quite a bit of stuff to store, all of my various kitchen items, old school books, lots of linens and who knows what else to find homes for as well as place back into storage!

I am most proud of my library! I have merged two different “lives of books into one giant library that requires two large bookcases containing 210 books! A few are doubles (a hardback and paperback or double copies of a few other books that have had to be replaced due to over reading. I have not included my Music books, school books, Annuals, Journals, and a few books that I am saving for my nieces (and hopefully nephews someday) such as my little house on the prairie and Hardy boy collections.

So my “move” such as it has been, is coming to a close. I will soon be hanging Art work and getting more comfortable in my new surroundings. That is until I get antsy and move again, I am thinking this time I will be headed somewhere far, but not Hawaii far, but you never know ☺