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Sunday, January 24, 2010

School has started!

After a short Hiatus I have returned to the blog world. Much has happened over the last two months, number 1 is my return to school. I am enrolled at UMKC (University of Missouri at Kansas City) and am working towards a degree in Urban Planning and Development. I plan to use this degree (or one similar) to someday work with cities, and corporations on developing green practices. While my current degree is not geared 100% to this kind of action, I believe it is a close shot to furthering my career goals.

So far school is going well, I enjoy my class (only one this semester) and am learning lots about Urban development—the field is very…theoretical. There are lots of different ideas in the world that have been used to describe how we have developed from hunter/gatherer’s into more specialized occupations and every 20 years or so another idea seems to surface utilizing economic and political thoughts to assist in the formulation of these ideas. The next step in our world will be convincing the governments and economies that if we want to continue to grow as a world wide community needs to be done in an environmentally positive way. This is very hard as it takes cooperation from countries across the world.

I am sure that with the mind set of many corporations and countries as well as people this next step in our urban evolution will be an exciting field to be a part of. I am hoping by next semester to have a better idea of which degree in Urban planning will be the best fit, as well as a possible internship lined up. If not I have a few more semesters to go and am confident this will be no problem for me. I will keep you posted on this exciting new course of action my life will be taking! Until then, remember to reduce your carbon footprints, recycle what you can and reuse anything you can to help keep our trash down. Also turn off the lights in parts of your house you are not in.