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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucky Bamboo

Many years ago I was given two different “lucky bamboo” plants. One came from my dear cousin Gundy when I moved into a loft in downtown KC, the other one I think I got at the Vietnamese Grocer in the River Market of KC several years ago also. When I moved to Hawaii I left my plants in the care of my mom, and considering that some of them were her plants to begin with, I think she was happy to get them. Over the five years I was away, the two plants grew and a few stalks died and eventually they ended up in one pot, filled with rocks and sand, it looked amazing.

When I moved to my new home here in Waldo my plant had begun looking Wan, leaves turning yellow, roots looking brown, so I decided it was time to propagate these suckers. I got help from a You tube video, and split the plant into three different vases. I found two great vases at Big lots, clear glass, and found the filler at Target. The process is relatively easy, you cut the outgrowth off, strip some leaves from the stalk, and place in water. To get the Alpha stalk to grow, you chop off the top, right below the outgrowth and seal that end with wax. The process is relatively simple, and already the stocks and leaves are looking healthier.