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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Look and Maybe a Move

I have decided to go with a new look for the Blog page, all the useless links were driving me bonkers before! So I found something simple and easy. I believe I will be moving to another Blog service at the beginning of the new year, so another new look will be fast approaching. I have added a few widgets that seemed fun to me, the daily coffee, the daily Harry Potter, and the daily HP Spell!

As this is my first blogspot, I am hoping my practice here will prepare me for the new blog(s) that I will endeavor towards in the new year. I have been studying a Quamut 'how-to' guide on blogging and it has inspired me to try some new things. I ask now for feedback, Does anyone out their use Type Pad, Wordpress, or Live journal? I would love to use wordpress, but will need to learn how to build a web page it looks like. Any quick reference guides out there?


  1. I like my typepad blog, but I see a lot of people doing good stuff with wordpress too (and, as I understand it, they do have some pre-set templates, so you wouldn't necessarily be stuck coding your own.)

  2. Adam and I both use WordPress, and it does not require you to do much of anything. I imagine that you can probably piggyback off of Adam's hosting space, as it is unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. Thus what I'm doing.

    The host we use auto-installs WordPress for you and will also upgrade it for you automatically when new versions are available. I would be more than happy to help you set it up and show you all the cool stuff you can do. Plus, it's very easy to add/edit entries from your iPhone, using their free app.

  3. Jared on satuday you may have to learn me up.