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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easy Steak Salad

Today for lunch I made a wonderfully easy steak salad I thought would be nice to share for everyone.

I wanted to keep it simple and since I am really picky about my salads this was relatively easy. I used Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Red Onion, Freshly picked Cilantro, Feta cheese, a Parmesan Ranch dressing and a delicious steak. My dad grilled the steak last night, it was a filet, wrapped in bacon and he cooked it to medium rare which worked fine for the salad, I did warm the steak (cheated and micro waved). The dressing was very simple, Parmesan/Reggiano cheese, Chives, Cilantro and ranch dressing, mixed together and tasted fantastic.

In addition to the simple salad I wanted to include some add on’s that while I find them not as appealing would work wonderfully for the salad, Grape tomatoes, radishes, mushrooms (sliced cremini would be best), and some red cabbage. I would also suggest adding some nuts, I would have used toasted pine nuts, but candied pecans would probably be amazing. I also understand my proclivity for Feta cheese is not always appreciated so any number of cheeses could be easily substituted based on your own tastes such as Bleu Cheese or Goat Cheese. Even some fine cheddar such as Vermont would be a tasty addition.


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  1. I would like to eat this Steak Salad. When can you make it for me? ;-)