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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Semester Ending!

Three days left. Or 3 hrs, 45 min. Either way you look at it, time is getting close on this semesters classes and I could not be happier. Today I finished one class, it was a 2nd 8 week class that was held only on three weekends. It went from 8:30 AM- 4:00 PM Sat & Sun. However we only stayed till 4:00 once, and today we were out by noon. The class was relatively useless, it was called career and life studies, and was supposed to help us figure out how to be successful, or something. I really got nothing form the class, but it fulfilled a random requirement, which is fine with me.

This week I have two more classes of my Urban Studies course, which I enjoy greatly but makes me want to punch a few of my fellow classmates square in the head. I have the final for that class on Monday the 3rd. Then I have 2 blissful months of no school, but unfortunately will need to work a ton during those weeks, and in July 2 more classes, one history, and one Philosophy and at this point it looks like three classes this fall, unless my situation changes with in state/ out of state tuition crap.

Going back to school has been fun, I think I can be done in 2 years, maybe less, time will only tell. I did spend this week getting my ass handed to me, I had a paper due on Monday, one on Wednesday, and the final section of my portfolio this weekend, I have let all things non school related fall behind, such as keeping up with my friends lives, a blooming relationship left dead and all working out stopped as well.

However I hope to reverse all that this week, I have just a few more classes and have a few weeks before I begin my next round of classes, and until then I just need to find a job that is a little more exciting and pays more. Good luck to me!

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