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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Death of a Seeker

A few weeks ago I made mention of a TV Series known as “Legend of the Seeker.” This television series was produced by ABC studios as a syndicated broadcast and carried by several networks, but mostly by Tribune Station Groups (think CW). Earlier this spring Tribune dropped the series due to poor ratings which has propped the show to end, unless some miracle occurs.

While I learned to like the show, at first I was entirely detested by the show. Its blatant disregard for cannon, disruption of events and misinterpretation of the original literature was barely balanced by an ability to make the show watch able, and the characters believable and true to form (mostly) . I mourn to see its passing in some ways, but in others am glad its over, as I won’t be forced to re-examine every episode and convince myself to like it, and now the book series can re take my imagination.

Now there is a small group of people who think they can get the show back if they cry enough. I wish they could make this happen because a part of me would like to see more, but they need to understand media. The cost to produce and air a television show is more than all of there annual incomes added together. There is billions and billions of dollars in every show TV show when all is said and done, and especially a show like this that I seriously doubt made much if any profit. People- let us remember this is America home of the money grubbers, not America the place where TV gets made because its good stuff. Any network will make a ton more money off of a low cost reality show than a show with elaborate special effects, costumes, and well paid actors, so keep trying but don’t get your hopes up. Its over.


  1. Just started watching these last week--so awful, but it's hard to turn away. I'm glad they're putting the show out of its misery!

  2. It is bad, Cecil couldn't finish it, just be aware season 2 is like another story all together! lol. but good in its own way, I pretended it was a paralell dimension, how things would have gone if Terry smoked crack.