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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

QUAPLA’! Success!

Semester grades were turned into the registrar Tuesday, and we have been given our grades! I have some great news to report to all my lovely readers the number of which has now gone from 3 readers to 4-thanks to my awesome cousin Rachel (who I happen to know is secretly obsessed with my blog) I have achieved the goal of goals a wonderful 4.0! I would bore you with details but instead I will just practice my klingon and say “Quapla’! (success!)

Now I have already signed up for classes, but am having some small hiccups with residency and cost, so as this works out I will keep you updated, needless to say at this point Summer and Fall classes combined are going to cost me over $10,000, some of which can be paid with student loans (around ½) and that’s not including books, parking, and the fact that I wont hardly be able to work, so I have some kinks to work out, and there is an issue with UMKC possibly cutting off my financial Aid, they say I have borrowed too much for my grade, which makes no sense as before this semester my average student loan was like maybe $1000 since I was still considered a dependent of my parents. All this goes to show that the government needs to step in and regulate these costs or give more subsidies to people going to school, I am not sure why all my tax dollars are being spent on useless $9 Billion wars, when I can’t even get enough funding for school to make more money for the government to tax. They are totally selling themselves short!

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