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Friday, February 18, 2011

A tale of woe-ful incompetance

I have a tale of a company that has completely lost understanding of the term customer service. I will begin my tale with tonight’s happenings. I have a Samsung Blu Ray model BD-C6500. A few days ago when logging into my Netflix app I had to re-activate my device on the Netflix homepage. I shrugged and thought ‘no biggie’. Unfortunately I have had to do this every time I opened the app for the last few days. So I tried resetting the device then took the plunge and contacted Customer Care—via chat.

Now I have had a run-in with Samsung and their moderately incapable staff a few times already- I just got my BRP back from them a few months ago after the main control board fried (while there is a story to this, the gist is the unit was defective from day 1 and it took 7 months to convince them of this). U.S. Customer Service for Samsung has unfortunately been outsourced to a different outfit somewhere else in the world, they only seem to have the barest understanding of the product, and are probably getting their answer via an index of FAQ, I say this due to the kind of responses I receive and the way they always tell you to do the same thing first. Reset the device. Now I have been resetting this device for almost a year, so the first thing I do is rest the device, which coincidentally is one of the most arduous tasks requiring a full two hours worth of pressing ok, and accept, and restart, and restart, and restart, then downloading the entire application suite, and resetting All of the settings. That is the only answer they ever can give, they don’t even ask if you had already tried this, they just tell you to reset the device and give you instructions.

The best however was the actual discussion. I have provided a transcipt for your reading pleasure, I have to admit I got kind of nasty at the end, but it felt kinda good, and I figure this was chat at least I did not say this to his face? Right?

Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
All Samsung Agents are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. A Samsung Agent will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with 'Stanford'
Stanford: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?
Aaron: is the netflix app on my blu ray considered a samsung app or a third party app? I am having login refresh issues.
Stanford: Could you give me the model number of the unit?
Aaron: bd 6500
Aaron: bd C6500
Stanford: The Netflix is a list of recommended apps.
Aaron: corrct it downloads automatically
Stanford: It is considered as a Samsung apps.
Aaron: any idea why everytime i login to the app i have to go to netflix and reauthorize the device?
Stanford: Yes, the netflix app will be downloaded automatically.
Aaron: i know it will be downloaded automatically. I just told you that, I will repeat my question for a third time
Aaron: I am having to login to netflix and reauthorize the device each time i log into the app
Stanford: There is no need to reauthorize the device each and every time you turn ON.
Aaron: i know that, but I am having to do exactly that, this started a few days ago
Aaron: can i talk to someone else, you dont seem to understand what i am saying
Stanford: I recommend you reset the unit and check the issue.
Stanford: To reset your 2010 BD player, with the power one and with no disc in the player, press and hold the STOP button on the front panel for five seconds. The initial setup screen is displayed, follow the prompts to setup your Blu-ray player.
Aaron: you have got to be kidding me, of course I have done that, that was the first thing I did to fix the issue. I have had this player for 1 year and have reset the unit more times than i can count.
Aaron: thanks for nothing Stanford you are a real credit to our race.

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