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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Legend of The Seeker TV Review

I think its time for me to come out…about my obsession with SciFi/Fantasy. (Got yeah!) Most of my friends and family are already aware of this, but I am totally obsessed with all things SciFi and Fantasy. I mean books, movies, TV shows, games, on and on and on. One of my biggest obsessions was with Terry Goodkind and his Sword of Truth Series. I loved this series so much that I wanted to be in a Richard and Kahlan sandwich (sandwich only because I know Richard would only have me if I dealt with Kahlan). The Characters, the relationships, the story, it was a wonderful tribute to writing, even if the end was a little weak-sauce. Be aware if you are planning on watching the series this post has spoilers that may either deter you or encourage you to watch the show.

A few months ago my dear little brother and I were in Lawrence having dinner with our friends Meryl and Blaine and we all discussed the series and the TV Show that has evolved around it. I had seen parts of episode 1 and was disgusted by its lack of any sort of closeness to the book other than some of the basics. However, Little brother has been hounding me to give it a go again, and with my Birthday gifts (Blu-Ray with Netflix and a 9 month Net-Flix subscription) I had no more excuses.

I am trying really hard to like the series, and I mean really hard, I have given up all preconceptions that it will be anything like the books and look at it as a new series with the characters I love. But after the second episode I don’t know if I ever will make it. I mean I can’t believe how different it is! There is no previous relationship with Zedd and Richard, so there is no deep feelings of friendship and concern that is so important to Richards Character. I believe Richards feelings are the most important part of his character, not to mention his powers as both seeker and later as a wizard. And speaking of Power, I have to say the Sword of Truth may have some extraordinary magic, but where is the consequence? Where is the balance? Magic in the sword of truth series often has a relationship to science in the real world, one big similarly is to Newtons Third Law: To every action there is always an opposite and equal reaction. The magic in the sword of truth is embedded in this principal! It is a magic of duality, of Life and Death, of Anger and Love, of giving and taking! It will give you the power to smite any enemy but it takes its price in pain, and without the ample supply of anger that price will kill you, and your first kill is both test and an action of bonding, bonding the magic of the sword with its twin in the Seeker. But Richards first kill does nada! AHHH!

Kahlan and Richards relationship is jacked up too, they are making a mistake showing her power so soon and having Zedd warn Richard so soon. There is no time for their friendship to evolve and them to fall in love.

And lastly what’s up with the Caribbean Addie! And Zedd and her lacked a whole series of important discussions involving sex and growing back her foot.

Well I will keep trying but I am not expecting to fall as in love with this series as I did with the books, but only time will tell.

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