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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Awakenings

This Fall upon returning to KC My mother asked me to use my long dormant green thumb to spruce up some small areas around the lawn. Now it has been quite some years since I really applied any effort to gardening, not for any big reason other than after High school I have not really lived anywhere where gardening would be practical or even easy. As many of you know that if it is not practical or easy then I am more than likely not going to participate!

Back to the story, I went to the local plant store (aka Home Depot and picked up a variety of bulbs for some easy spring planting, Tulips, Irises, and 2 others I have some how forgotten what they were! Well the other day, when taking baby niece for a little walk around the block in the wagon, I noticed that my little plants were starting to bud! I recognized the Tulips and the Irises right off the bat! Now when I went to plant these suckers I had a hell of a time, the planter is conveniently located under a Japanese Maple Tree, which has some terribly shallow roots. In conjunction with the shallow roots, I was also competing with some of that tarpy crap that keeps weeds from growing that my parents put down when they built the planter. The last issue was the soil. Here in Lenexa we are blessed with some fantastic clay like soil that is a b**ch to dig up. I was very worried when planting that I would not be able to get the bulbs down far enough, and then I decided to place more bulbs than recommended in the trench I had so painstakingly cut out of the earth.

Then we had a huge snow storm to cause me anxiety, but my dear friend and fellow blogger Meryl assured me they would be just fine. In fact last year her daffodils were bloomed and got encased in ice and still did well, so this pesky snow should be nothing but an annoyance.

So The next Project? Well we have an area to use as a compost heap, and I really think I will be building an herb garden! Some well placed Basil, Cilantro, Chives, Oregano, and maybe thyme seem like some wonderful choices, I just need some free time away from School and work to get this next project going! I plan to place the herbs into planters, and I really want to do tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus and green beans but we will have to see. I am definitely feeling the crunch of time with school speeding up and project after project due, but that’s for another blog.

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