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Monday, October 5, 2009

Being on the other side.

As I have told you before, My career has taken a new turn and I have gone from Restaurant Manager Extraordinaire, master of Training, safety and being the #1 Favorite Manager and returned to my roots. I am back in the role of server! And while this has been extremely gratifying in many ways (lack of responsibility, ability to request time off, and to give up my shifts if I don't feel like working) I have found the change slightly aggravating on some levels.

I find myself wanting to fall into my old role when talking to guests and other employee's. I use my 'critical eye' to see all the work not being done around me and it takes effort to not tell others what to do. But the worst by far is being second guessed by a member of the management team. I had a guest wait 7 minutes for a glass of wine, The bartender had to leave the bar for a moment to get something, and the next thing you know I have a guy waving me down wondering where his drink is. I found a manager and mentioned he may want to do a table touch since the wait was so long and his response was "7 minutes is not that long" and how did I respond? "Have you ever waited 7 minutes for a drink? you should try it seems like an eternity." Not my most beautiful moment, but seriously come on! I think I will have some more work to do on this "Lack of Responsibility" fore front before I am totally able to disengage from my previous life.

So the challenges continue, if in another form, and I am ready to take them on, Now if only I could find a restaurant to manage where all I had to work was 8 hours a day and have all the amenities of an hourly employee with the salary of a manager, life would be perfect!

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