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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying to make Stupid people Smart

Conspiracy Theory- The idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.

I just want to take a moment to say I cannot believe a secret sect of Jews caused the Holocaust, nor can I believe that the government it actually using the H1-N1 virus as an opportunity to curb world population trends. And I do not believe the government has secrete camps all of the US, and the world where they inject terrible diseases on the population to see the effects that take place.

I recently had a friend post some disturbing thoughts about the H1N1 vaccine and also a video shown on Scarborough Country, a show on MSNBC featuring an extremely right wing conservative who makes some very wild claims, that talks about Bayer (a pharmaceutical giant) giving out a drug for hemophiliacs in the early 1980's that infected people with HIV/AIDS. This friend suggested we visit a site called

My curiosity was peaked, but the website is almost laughable in its voracious attempts to make people believe the theories it places on its website. Espouting words such as Illuminati, and New World Order in an effort to get your attention. Hoping that by using terms that are prevalent in pop and counter cultures we will easily accept the theories they are suggesting.

Some of the theories about faith healing seem to hearken to 'noetic sciences' as featured in Dan Browns newest novel, and some of them even make it seem that all disease is brought to you by the ghosts of Andrew Carnegie, JP Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, not to mention the letters A, H,Z and the number 3.

However the video was the worst.(
It turns out that Bayer may not have known that the drug was infected when they released it. As far as I can discover the drug was released in 1979/1980 (hard to tell with both sides blocking reports and evidence) this was before we knew anything about AIDS (check out this website for an AIDS timeline There was a thought it may be a cancer, or even a form of Pneumonia up until 1981. As soon as connections were made that the drug was giving AIDS to patients (since AIDS dies when not in live blood, this may not even be true) and that AIDS was a virus, that was transmitted through Blood, Bayer pulled the drug from the market. HOWEVER, some countries such as a few in Latin America and China and a few others had already purchased large quantities of the drug and continued disbursing it against the advice of Bayer and the CDC. Of course these countries may not have even believed AIDS was real at the time either.

All of this comes to a head with concerns many have over the H1-N1 Vaccine. Stories are floating around about how in the 1970's a 'Swine Flu' epidemic hit the US and the Vaccine used caused some serious damage to people (500 infected with Guillain-Barre syndrome and 25 deaths--out of 40% of the US population that received the drug) this all stems from the concerns that the spanish flu of 1918 had similar components to Swine flu, however all 3 influenza virus' while sharing similar effects are very different when looking at the structure of the virus. True the Vaccine given in the 1976 flu pandemic (which turned out to be erroneous) was flawed, it has been 23 years, science has improved, our knowledge of viruses and how they work has increased, and we have learned from our mistakes. Flu Vaccines are administered annually to somewhere between 35% and 44% of all Americans, with only 5% (down from 10% in the 90's) having any side effect at all (generally a swollen area around shot site and mild flu like symptoms lasting a few days) I think I would say you are safe to take the H1N1 Vaccine.

The moral of this story is simple C.S. Lewis once wrote "The trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is you often succeed." DO yourselves and the rest of a world a favor and don't listen to everything you see on TV or rad on the internet. Try to be smart and think things through. And last of all make sure you have some hard facts before repeating the babble to the rest f the stupid people, it will make life easier for everyone.

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