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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Review, of a book and its author

I have just recently finished Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. I am an avid Fantasy reader and have been looking to branch into a few new authors, and With Brandon’s upcoming work with WOT (Wheel of Time) I decided it may be good for me to read a bit of his work to acclimate myself to his style of writing. You see with the death of Robert Jordan in 2007, I (and several thousand of his fans) have been extremely apprehensive about the future of the WOT series. With the announcement later that year that Brandon Sanderson would complete the novel, I decided I would give the young guy a try. It has taken about two years, but with the release date for A Gathering Storm rapidly approaching I took the plunge!

I was pleasantly surprised by the novel Sanderson put forth. Elantris was well planned and with a good story, but with echos of a ‘Lost city of Atlantis’ theme. A civilization with enormous powers and godlike abilities, destroyed by a mysterious event somehow linked to an earthquake. I am also reminded a little of the Myst books, with the destruction of D’NI, (just a similar feel to the writing). I was also a little let down with the simple nature of the mysteries involved, I saw through lots of the hidden stuff very easily. On the positive side, character development was good, a nice ratio of dialogue and description exists, and the story moves at a good pace and is extremely engaging.

I have to say I think Brandon might do a pretty good job with WOT, his prolgue was released earier this month and it was pretty good, I guess we will have to just wait a few more weeks to find out.!

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