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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Urging you to be more Green!

Earlier this week, or maybe it was last week, there was a call to the world to blog about climate change. Of course I chose at the time to write a blog, but then promptly forgot! oops! I am personally devoted to the idea of Helping the Environment in any way, we recycle as much as we can, and I am working on convincing my parents to begin composting and instead of using chemicals on the lawn, using compost tea. I even plan on continuing my education in an area of study that will hopefully help companies and cities become more 'Green". I Urge everyone out in the blog world to start thinking about our world and what we can do to save it.

I am currrently looking at ways to reduce my own carbon footprint, for me it will be a matter of driving less, using less water and the less artificial temperature control, as well as continuing to recycle, and reduce the amount of trash I am generating (I can recycle cans, but that cost's a lot of energy, increasing my carbon footprint, maybe I should stop drinking so much soda..)

The toughest part about making changes in our lives to reduce our waste impact and also to be more "green" is to think about all the things you do in a day, and thinking what you can do different to make an impact, for many of us, it is small things we will do on a daily basis that will create the biggest changes. We cannot force renewable energy on our electric companies, but we can write a letter letting them know you support a move to build wind turbines, or even nuclear energy and would like to see the reduction in coal power plants. Write a senator or congressman, and tell them to push legislation that urges America to reduce carbon foot prints, or allows money to be appropriated and go towards discovering renewable energy sources.

its the little moves that when we come together as a community and ask in a solid voice that will make the most impact in the long run. Don't give up hope, and keep recycling!

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